Lee Bruno is a author, journalist and strategy analyst. He has reported on business, technology and science over the span of 20 years, writing features and profiles for leading publications, including The Economist, The Guardian, MIT Technology Review, Red Herring and Wired. 


Here are a sample of his writings on technology, business and history.

Let Freedom Ring: Buffalo Soldiers and the Liberty Bell

Winter 2016 issue of The Argonaut -- Journal of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society


This Material Will Power the Future — If Somebody Can Profit from It


Revolution or Evolution? 

New materials take time to reach markets, but are a key part of a healthy innovation ecosystem


Future Scope: Angela Belcher, MIT: Why advanced materials are drivers for the future economy



Let there be smart power: The electrical grid in the US is old, outmoded and wasteful. All this is to change with a massive government investment



Low-Energy Water Filtration:  A new membrane-free water-purification system uses small amounts of energy


US military targets social nets


The social networking landscape could change beyond recognition with technology that maps the skills and needs of users


Old idea of using bioplastics gets a new lease of life


Researchers are following Henry Ford's footsteps by developing food-based plastics as oil prices rise


Selected articles in Scientific American, Stanford Alumni magazine and Stanford Social Innovation Review:

Stanford Social Innovation Review

What Works: Millenials MoveOn to propel young folks to the polls, a political organization mixed Web 2.0 tools with social science savvy

Scientific American

Baffling the Bots: Anti-spammers take on automatons posing as humans

Stanford Alumni Magazine

Smallville: The next big thing is incredibly tiny: the nanoscale world where atoms jump on command